The Public Bathroom

Today I scrubbed the dirtiest room in the house a.k.a.
"the public bathroom."
It is the bathroom that we all use.
(We used to call it The Michelle Bathroom ;-))

Guests, neighbors, construction crew, even the neighbor's roofer knocked on our front door one day to use the facilities.
I know he laid cable because:
a. He's a guy, he could have peed in a bush.
b. I smelled it.

But I digress.

Last Friday, I had an incident after Vasili's 50th birthday party.

It was when I was resting my face on the toilet of the dirtiest room of our house that I made a mental note to do some serious disinfection.

But it had to wait.
I was planning to drive my parents home to NY (thanks for spending time with us!)
Plus we had labor day plans

and a birthday party at my SIL's place.

Cleaning is therapeutic.
As I scrubbed shrapnel off the walls and floor,
I felt an odd sense of accomplishment.
The bathroom is now better prepared should another
incident occur.
Hopefully not in the near future, as I am getting too old for this.


  1. Eew!! Kudos to you girl!! But the neighbor's roofer?! Why didn't he use THEIR bathroom?!

  2. Yuk. We have the upstairs bathroom - which is the "grown-up" bathroom and we have the downstairs bathroom for kids. That bathroom SCARES me. I make them do a lot of the cleaning, but still...I'm the only one who can work with the toilet cleaners. Yuk.

    Loved the pictures...and the outfit you spilled wine on.

    Your life seems so rich and fun. You're making me not want to be at work today. :)

    (I'm totally jealoud of Cherann's cleaning lady, too...but not so much if she's complaining about her. haha)

  3. Remind me to invite you to my next party. It looked like a total blast!

    I hate cleaning bathrooms. It's the pits. That's what cleaning people are for (I read that Amy)...chesca, your husband is a doctor, hire someone to clean your bathrooms!

  4. I love the respirator. I have a pic of My Better Half wearing the respirator to attack the bat guano that accumulated in the attic this summer. But I just may don that thing for daily bathroom cleaning. Looks official and serious.
    I promise to write a new post in the next few days. CHeck in with me soon. Happy September.

  5. That picture is TOO MUCH... so funny.
    Glad you made it out of the no-zone alive and well enough to write a post.
    Careful who you let in there chica...

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  6. You looked like you've just been to a great war. Hehe. I hate cleaning the bathroom. Well, I hate all household chores. Haha. Congrats to you for a job well done. :)

  7. The bathrooms are the reason I am keeping my cleaning lady. And oh, the oven too. and the fireplace.

    I enjoy your blog a lot! give up the great work. you have a gift for writing.

  8. sorry, I meant keep up the great work not give up. LOL typo not freudian slip.

  9. hahaha you're funny Chesca :) I thought you're gonna play that obsolete computer game Counterstrike or something hehe

    Anyway I really don't mind cleaning the bathroom as long as only members of the family are the ones using it...:)

  10. I too can't stand dirty bathrooms... not that ours is spotless... My! that's some serious cleaning you did! Funny entry. :)

  11. Hello Chesca! How nice of you to visit my blog! I'm so sorry for whoever has to get knocked off of your visitation list, because you will SURELY come again! And I'm glad you like the fairness view I was taking at Brill's page. I'm just such a bitch sometimes, but I gotta speak! I just gotta!

    Love your blog. "Laid cable." I swear, I learn something new every day!

    Read your profile. "The Princess Bride" is one of my most favoritest of books ever ever ever. I spend hours and days and weeks trying to get people to read it!

    That's when I'm not promoting

    See you soon, gorgeous!


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