The Public Bathroom

Today I scrubbed the dirtiest room in the house a.k.a.
"the public bathroom."
It is the bathroom that we all use.
(We used to call it The Michelle Bathroom ;-))

Guests, neighbors, construction crew, even the neighbor's roofer knocked on our front door one day to use the facilities.
I know he laid cable because:
a. He's a guy, he could have peed in a bush.
b. I smelled it.

But I digress.

Last Friday, I had an incident after Vasili's 50th birthday party.

It was when I was resting my face on the toilet of the dirtiest room of our house that I made a mental note to do some serious disinfection.

But it had to wait.
I was planning to drive my parents home to NY (thanks for spending time with us!)
Plus we had labor day plans

and a birthday party at my SIL's place.

Cleaning is therapeutic.
As I scrubbed shrapnel off the walls and floor,
I felt an odd sense of accomplishment.
The bathroom is now better prepared should another
incident occur.
Hopefully not in the near future, as I am getting too old for this.