"The sure-thing boat never gets far from the shore" ~Dale Carnegie

This is my entry for a photo contest at this site.
The voting starts today March 9th and ends on the 11th.
Go there, look at the other entries and then vote accordingly.
It all started when Write from Karen wrote to me saying that I should pick out a coffee mug I won from her blog.
I wish I could say it was my writing skills that won me the mug but it wasn't.
I just commented more than once. okay 4 times
(hey I've been around the blog a few times)--so as I went to claim it, I suddenly found myself sucked into this photo contest.
(Steve, I swear this is not all I do everyday).

Asked to post an original picture of what inspires me--I picked this.
I took this photo on my 40th birthday in Key West Florida.
These two boats in the picture tell me:
1. Sometimes we have to take risks in order to succeed.
2. No matter how small we may seem in this universe, we can make a difference.

This inspires my "Helping Hams" project.

When I said vote accordingly, I meant vote for me.

*As part of TGIF (That I am Grateful for, I will list on Fridays):
-healthy children, finally G is done with the flu.
-a large dollop of cool whip on my hazelnut coffee with hazelnut coffemate creamer
-steve (who is thankful for the higher sun angle)
-friends like you (aaawww)