"The sure-thing boat never gets far from the shore" ~Dale Carnegie

This is my entry for a photo contest at this site.
The voting starts today March 9th and ends on the 11th.
Go there, look at the other entries and then vote accordingly.
It all started when Write from Karen wrote to me saying that I should pick out a coffee mug I won from her blog.
I wish I could say it was my writing skills that won me the mug but it wasn't.
I just commented more than once. okay 4 times
(hey I've been around the blog a few times)--so as I went to claim it, I suddenly found myself sucked into this photo contest.
(Steve, I swear this is not all I do everyday).

Asked to post an original picture of what inspires me--I picked this.
I took this photo on my 40th birthday in Key West Florida.
These two boats in the picture tell me:
1. Sometimes we have to take risks in order to succeed.
2. No matter how small we may seem in this universe, we can make a difference.

This inspires my "Helping Hams" project.

When I said vote accordingly, I meant vote for me.

*As part of TGIF (That I am Grateful for, I will list on Fridays):
-healthy children, finally G is done with the flu.
-a large dollop of cool whip on my hazelnut coffee with hazelnut coffemate creamer
-steve (who is thankful for the higher sun angle)
-friends like you (aaawww)


  1. Ahhh, Key West. That sounds good about now. (5 degrees this a.m.)
    Good for you. I'm impressed that you submitted your photo. I get so seized up about contests that I hem and haw long enough about submissions that I miss entry deadlines. I will check out the site and "vote accordingly".
    On a separate note, I set up adsense on my site not b/c I think anyone's stupid enough to click on ads and earn me revenue but because it's always amusing to see what google posts. My top favorites so far: Ukranian women needing US marriages (apparently Google has no problem trafficking in human beings) and the how to avoid divorce bits. I can't help but feel these ads are directed at me. Divorce, you don't say? Ukraine, I don't know where that is.

  2. It definately is an inspiring picture!

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I also am checking out the competition - ha ha. I have to say, I LOVE your picture. Beautiful. Serene. Love it! And I loved your line that said "When I said vote accordingly, I meant vote for me." Man, I wish I had thought of that! I have marked you as a favorite - I'll be back!

  4. Photos like this remind me of a bigger world out there. Very inspirational.

    Thank you for entering the contest and good luck! Also, congrats on winning at Karen's place!

  5. Hi Chesca,

    I will totally vote for you tomorrow. I JUST got rid of my sailboat theme in my bathroom or I would have TOTALLY PAID for that print!!!

    Hey, did you get my email back to you about the Helping Hams? I tend to get filtered to spam a lot.

  6. Hi, I Peppylady and I came to your blog via oracle from the blog party 5 minute with mom.

    No I'm one who didn't get a lot of hits or visiting from the blog party but I had a great time seeing different blogs.
    Although I know it's impossible to see them all.

    I think it pretty cool of you to purchase those hams!

    My blog is always open

  7. With the photo like that, you might have a shot at winning. Good luck!

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I am loving seeing so much inspiration today!

    Holly's Corner

  9. I love your photo!! I just got done voting for you. Good luck!

  10. lolo loves boats and he would like to have his own sailing boat, if money allows, hehe.
    Thats a nice photo, hope you make it. Or baka nanalo ka na, I look!

  11. Certainly moves me. Beautiful. Good luck with that photo contest. And thanks for stopping by.


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