Merry Christmas

For many years, christmas and I had a falling out.
Perhaps the happy years of childhood christmas,
the despair of unfulfilled adult holiday expectations,
and my inability to cook-- all contributed to the break-up.

But what is christmas?
Aside from The Birth--

It is a time for family, for experiencing the joy of giving and receiving, and for creating lasting memories for our children.

Karen arrived home in Manila safely, approximately 14 minutes before Christmas.
(Thanks for a great time, Kar)
I cooked Kare Kare (ox tail in a peanut sauce) for Christmas Eve, and Americans actually enjoyed it!

and the girls LOVED their gift from us (the crawl space camp in the attic).

Their favorite gift from Santa?
8 yr old: Yu-gi-oh Cards
6 yr old: Modeling Clay.

May 2007 be as uncomplicated as their current desires...