Tears for Fears

I spoke with my friend the other day.
Honeymoon C.
Honeymoon C has been a friend for 13 years.
As you may have guessed, we met her
(and Honeymoon B.) on our honeymoon.
We were all married on the same day (600 miles apart)
Unfortunately, C and B are no longer honeymooning.
Since their divorce, we've agreed to keep our
anniversary calls going, but have now renamed it to:
"happy friendship day".
Ours anyway.
Divorce is painful.
It is painful for both the leav-er, and the leave-ee.
Very often though, tears are shed for other reasons
'he left with my favorite pillow'
'she got all the frequent flier miles'
'i miss my dog'
'my grocery purchases, my fuel perks-damn it! '
"what possessed me to do a 'beauty and the beast' wedding?"
"why did i ever agree to wear the gauzy white shirt on our wedding?"

In truth,
Tears are shed for the loss of what was once a great thing.
There is at least a thing (or kid) or two that made it beautiful.
Tears for Fears
-- fear of being alone, fear of getting back into the dating world or
fear of the potential effects of divorce on the children.

And then there is the subject of: The Settlement.
Friends settlement.
Who gets to keep whom?
What are the rules?
Should whoever have introduced the friend, keep the friend?
But what if, this friend actually likes the spouse more...and not the introducer?
What if the friend likes both?
Who gets the 50th bday?

Who gets the superbowl party?


  1. In violent times
    You shouldn’t have to sell your soul
    In black and white
    They really really ought to know
    Those one track minds

  2. divorce, yes, yucky stuff. I have one under my belt and by the hand of Divinity, will never have another if I can at all help it. Oh hubby and I mightt suffer, but we'll suffer in wedded agony darn it! lol


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