Pinch Hitting for the Other Team

Meet Aureaus.

This talented guy was a friend of mine in college.
Totally into drama at the ripe old age of 17, he was destined for the theatre.
When not vogue-ing like Madonna,
he moved like Bob Fosse.
Long before it was considered cool, he spoke with a European accent.
Clearly, we were playing on the same team.
Imagine my confusion (and probably his) when 20 years ago, after this picture was taken,
he said to me: "would you please give that to your sister?"
He said that he was interested in my sister.

This is the effect my sister Peggy has on people.
I am not sure if it is her intelligence
(she is an award-winning published writer),
her quiet demeanor, or her all around kindness.
Did I mention that she was always referred to as the pretty one?
Well, look at her.

I've always looked up to her. She's been a sounding board and a highly influential person in my life.
Some say: WWJD?
I say: WWPD?

When we were younger and clothing options were scarce, she would generously let me borrow her special things:
ie: jazzy blouse, red clogs, motorcross shirt she inherited from another brother...
and then when we were older, she clothed me for all my job interviews.
(She wasn't voted "Best Dressed Teacher" at the university for nothing)
Even today, whenever I see her, I think:
"hmm I wonder what I can spirit away from the chicagoan"
Did I mention that I am proud of her?

Conversations with her cover parenting, wife-ing, life, kidney beans and fashion (not necessarily in that order).
The thing about us is, despite the fact that we are nothing like each other,
we understand each other. And, when we don't understand each other, we know it is because we are nothing like each other.
Did I mention that I love her?

I never did give this picture to her and I believe that Aureaus Solito, successful director that he is now, is more comfortable with the team he plays on (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Anyhow, since I've somehow managed to resurrect it from my boxes of stuff, I thought she should have it today, on her birthday.

Happy Birthday, Peg.

P.S. thank you for the bubble gum you gave me in exchange for my walking around in that clown suit...and for always interrupting my pathetic renditions of 'the greatest love of all' on karaoke...
At the risk of angering the others, you are my best friend.