The Perfect Set-up

There is an art to the perfect set-up.
Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way.
It was the eighties and I had big hair.
I was set-up on a blind date by my friend Augie.
The problem: She described me as being a Julia Roberts look-alike.
The result: the blind date was disappointed with filipino Julia
The Lesson: When setting up for a set-up, being negative is best.

Kay Uranza, my friend since grade school is a successful lawyer.
She had a good life.
But like all marrieds that annoyingly think that singles (which she was) should be saved from a life of non-stop socials, choice, and not hearing the sound of someone else's snoring--I was constantly in search of a man for her.
My father, a lawyer in Rochester,NY- had a young friend, Joe
(young compared to my dad), who is also a lawyer.
Perfect Match,
1. both lawyers.
2. both devout Catholics.
3. both looking.
So after an initial email introducing them, they wrote to each other.
Joe and Kay, liked what they read.
Back and forth they dated with words and wit.
When they asked me how the other looked, I shared my Julia Roberts Story.
I said that in the face of a blind date, it is always best to expect the worst. Perhaps it was the existing attraction they had for each other's minds that made them go with it, because for the next 12 months they wrote back and forth before ever exchanging pictures.
By the time they decided to meet a year later at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, it was pretty much a done deal.
They married two years later and now live happily ever after.


  1. Hayop, the miracles of scanners...I almost had to figure out where the first picture was taken but I recognized the speaker in the upper corner. WOW! gives me the creapy-crawlies.... GREAT story btw.

  2. BTW, uso ngayon yung damit na iyan.....mahal dito yan..

  3. Anonymous9:38 PM

    I think they married almost two years after St. Patrick's and three years after your dad introduced them.

  4. thank you, anonymous.
    since that c-section my memory has not been so good.
    you on the other hand, have a perfect recollection of the events...i wonder why?

  5. I see you just love your sacnner, and linking it the the pictures to tell the story better. Quite an amazing way of telling that very uniqe and beautiful story.

  6. *scanner---I have Dyslexia...

  7. hay naku, pag-ibig. If every woman fell in love with my mind, I'd be an international playboy by now - far outdoing the handflicker's bizaare exploits.

  8. puetly2:54 PM

    nag I have a dream nanaman si Jose Rizal...


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