Electroconvulsive Therapy

Today is October 26th.
The birthday of yet another sibling of mine.
For him I offer this.
Being the youngest of nine children, the music I listened to
(or could not help listening to) had a pretty wide range .
As an 8 yr old, I knew the Dark Side of the Moon album had "Us and Them".
There weren't many 10 yr olds like me, singing Santana's "She's not There" and "Spooky".
There was no escaping the blaring music that the walls of our house could not mute.
And then Peter got an electric guitar.
With a wah-fuzz pedal.
Which brings me to the conclusion that the sound of the wah-fuzz pedal must have served as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for me.
This is because despite certain circumstances--I had a happy childhood.
I remained happy up until my mid-twenties, right about the same time that the wah-fuzz pedal moved to Australia with my brother.
Life just hasn't been the same.
So instead of watching Grey's Anatomy tonight, I am about to undergo another kind of therapy .
To straighten out kinks left behind by life already lived.
But that is for another post.
For today I wish Peter a happy birthday.
Thank you for the years of non-elective ECT.

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  1. Try the "Phase Shifter" therapy


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