...Start Spreading the News

After reading a story on 'the local paper',
I remembered a similar story.
Okay, not quite similar, but a story.
A few months ago, we were at a conference in NYC.
(Correction: He was at a conference, I was along for the ride.)
Our hotel was one of those U-shaped numbers.

We could not help but notice that the hall window right outside our room, overlooked another hotel guest's bedroom.
Jokingly commenting on the fact that it enabled voyeurism, we took notice of the raised blinds.
Well let me admit that every time I walked by, I couldn't help myself.
Walk out, eyes left. Walk in, eyes right.
Well, on one such walk-out-eyes-left moment,
I was suddenly witness to the
Sex in the flesh. And it did not involve me.
Stunned, I ran back to our room and told
I had never seen such quick horizontal to vertical moves in 13 years, as I did that day.
I guess together, we just had to see.
(I know this sounds pretty pervy, but this was an absolute first for both of us. The catholic country I was from, and the military bases where he grew up, did not provide for much of this sort of thing)
After we had seen enough (and I will not tell you how long we watched),
Steve made a joke about how the man looked like he may have been a participant at the conference.
Later, at a function that evening, who should walk in and share a dinner table with us?
The stars of the Marriott Cinemax.
Hoping against all hope that it was not them, I whispered to Steve,
"Maybe its not them."
To which he responded,
"Oh its them. I'd recognize those breasts anywhere."

(...I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!)