Om Mani Padme Hum

people have different parenting styles.
this works for them.
this is how they do things.
mind your own business.
to each his own.
i never really cared about that couch anyway.
that kick she delivered to the small of his back?
...human kinetic experiment.
well, idiot is not a bad word in their house.
i'll fix it honey.
i said i'll fix it, honey.
it was just urine.
its no trouble, really.
watch out...there's broken glass.
so soon?
please... come again.

om mani padme hum....

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  1. the three Rs of playdates: recklessness (oh, it's just a playdate) remorse (ohmigod, why did i say yes) and retribution ("yes, we really should do this again.")


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