Living Without Regrets

“Its not a question of whether I love you or you love me,
the question is: will the world conspire to keep us apart,
or will it, with a rare nod to joy and life…allow us to be
together again.” -p.f.

a friend of mine meets this woman while on holiday halfway around the world.
he writes this to her when they part.
i wish i could say that the scribe finds love with this sonnet, but he does not.
the world conspires.

how often have we dealt with a failed relationship,
a betrayal,
an estrangement or a loss?
how often have we thought, what if?
is there such a thing as constructively dwelling on the past?
what, if any, is the use of it?

mistakes can be made into lessons learned,
yesterday, can be used to be thankful for today,
and retrospective thoughts can break cycles,
instead of perpetuating reasons for bad habits.

i recently read an an essay by martha mcphee
(chick lit author of l’america),
she tackles living without regrets.
i've never read any of her books but i do like what she says about regret:

"regret of any kind is insidious.
it steals from the present.
preserving memory does not steal from the present, but rather the past, left alone accumulates to create all that is now."

back to my friend.
he is happy. he meets another woman in his home town and ends up with a beautiful bride and mother to his children.
they live the clean and uncluttered life of intellectual environmentalists.
as for the muse the ode was written for, she enters the convent of san caterina at viterbo.
oddly enough, she and my friend are in touch.
he says that she too, is happy.

(i'm trying to say that true happiness is more attainable if we start living without regrets)

(blog na nga—ine-explain pa.)