Labor Day

meet my beloved. he is scrubbing the grease from the stove
(always puzzling, this grease, considering the stove's minimal use). this should make me happy, but when i see the brillo-pad out, i worry. when he takes on the cruft build up in the fridge's floor and beneath the never-cleaned-under-of-the-drawers (spilt chocolate milk, mushed lettuce, carcass of a rotting lemon)
i approach with caution, my puet* squeezed rather tightly.
despite feeble attempts at excuses:
"blogging is such tedious work!"
"i didn't notice"
"where i am from, ants are not really such a big deal"
i know i have failed again.

sometimes i wonder, what is in it for him?
i'm not talking about a clean stove or a fridge that does not gross out guests......
i am not obtuse. (nwl** from shawshank redemption)
i am aware that he works long hard hours.
weekends and holidays included, such as today, labor day.
for him there is truly no rest for the weary.
what can i do to make it really worthwhile (for him)?

does every merger have an unspoken reciprocity?
should it be unspoken?
at what point in a breakdown of reciprocity does a merger fail?

if all i need to protect the merger involves occasional cruft work, i am in.
as for working with a brillo-pad, i draw the line--
surely those muscles are not just for show.
* buttocks
**new word learned