Guilty as sin

blogging just another version of scrapbooking
who loves to look at others' scrapbooks?
who really cares?
the beauty of the cyber-scrapbook is,
as the coerced reader/viewer,
you can look at your own leisure
--or not at all--
unless of course you're friends with one of those
rabid bloggers that might actually quiz you on their latest offering,
in which case, you are screwed.
its sort of like the photo album
that people painstakingly craft
with perfect captions and dates
(you know who you are)
is it part of a self-actualization process
or are we not (alright, i'm guilty)
just preparing photo albums
in the hope that someday, someone will say:
may i see your vacation pictures?


  1. Cool shades Jr. Where'd you get them?

  2. me-thinks his mommy bought them for him (you know how that guy is with money)

  3. Ahhh, yes. The cyber adventures of narcissim..lol. Look at me! Look at my cat! Hey, my pooch is wearing sunglasses! Isn't he dandy?

    I know them well. A little too well.
    I rather like the way you put it, though.

  4. Anonymous11:19 PM

    no really, I do want to read it!!!!!


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